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 Pressure Cleaning and Sealing

Protect Your Investment! 

Enhance your existing surface!

Some materials do require maintenance to protect from sun exposure, heavy traffic from cars, dirt and everyday spills. Prior to sealing, pressure cleaning is essential to remove dirt, fungus, mildew, grime, efflorescence or any other stains that may be present. Once pressure cleaned and 100 % dry the sealer is then applied. 

The pressure cleaning and sealing process usually takes about two days (weather permitting). Our pressure cleaning and sealing technicians have years of experience, use a 4,000 psi commercial pressure cleaner and an airless sprayer to spray on the sealer. 

Drying time of the sealer is 24 hours for vehicular traffic, and 45 minutes to 1 hr. for light foot traffic. This process is recommended to be repeated every one and a half to two years depending on the care given to the area, the traffic, and the elements (ex. rain, sun, etc.).

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available to answer any additional questions you have have regarding the Pressure cleaning and sealing process. 


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